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MADE4DIY is a member of Fediyma

From September 2013 the consortium MADE4DIY became member of Fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers); as a member, the consortium has privileged access to the more relevant information and data on the European market of DIY and gardening, as well as all the services offered by the Federation. Moreover, every year MADE4DIY participates in congresses and events that Fediyma organizes in collaboration with EDRA.



Fediyma was created in 2000 by the members BHETA, Herstellerverband Haus & Garten and Unibal. The federation was founded as a response to the increasing globalization of the European market, with the objective of providing pratical support and increase the competitiveness of companies that operate in the sectors of DIY and gardening.

Fediyma gives its members the possibility to improve the commercial development on national and international level, it also facilitates the growth of exchange opportunities with retailers, suppliers and other trade associations scattered across Europe and the world.

Fediyma helps companies in their internationalization process by providing different services:

  • Developing DIY Market Data

The European DIY and Gardening market is particularly difficult to monitor. Distribution channels differ, retailers are quite dissimilar, and last but not least, market definitions are not aligned. Thus, an important objective is to bring clarity to the statistics on DIY and Gardening in Europe and to update the community on new trends.

With all the information assets we have, we will help you to better understand the new consumer path to purchase in our industry and the latest trends in spending behaviour. Equally important is to understand the similarities and differences between European countries.

  • Using Political Weight 

Fediyma represents 78% of the whole European DIY market as the national associations forming part of it sum over 850 member companies approximately. A major objective of our federation is to bring together all stakeholders of our industry and represent their interests at an EU level in Brussels. For this purpose, a strong link has been established with the European DIY-Retail Association (EDRA) in the past years. The two associations have reached substantial achievements cooperating together such as the Code of Conduct signed in Brussels in October 2014. 

  • Networking 

Fediyma communicates to all the DIY stakeholders: suppliers, retailers, media, financial world, service providers, among others. Therefore, the Federation provides its members with valuable opportunities for dialogue and exchange with retailers, suppliers and other trade associations around the world, as well as opportunities to pursue the development of trade on an European and Global scale. The Global DIY Summit, organised jointly with EDRA and ghin, is a result of these efforts.



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