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Katoen Natie is Europe's largest logistics service provider and one of the world's leading logistics partners. The Katoen Natie network consists of over 400 operating units, with more than 150 terminals and logistic platforms, employing more than 10.000 people operating in all parts of the world. Thanks to the joint use of engineering and technologies solutions, the company is able to offer tailor-made solutions for various industrial sectors all over the world, including the various feels of the DIY sector; the chemical and automotive industry, and consumer goods.




KATOEN NATIE  –  Van Aerdstraat  – TEL. +32 3 221 68 11  –  FAX. +32 3 221 68 10 INFO@KATOENNATIE.COM  


Since 1984, COSMOB, a specialized technology center for wood-furniture industry and manufacturing sector, supports national and international companies providing technology solutions and qualified services for companies competitiveness in quality, innovation, internationalization, training, design and technical communication.


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Sede Laboratorio: Via della Produzione, 61 - 61025 MONTELLABATE (PU) - Ph. +39 0721 481269 482512 laboratorioprove@cosmob.it                                                                                                                                                                                      




GG’s expertise in the road haulage industry, his managerial skills and the passion shown by him as well as by his collaborators has enabled to organise an integrated distribution system which has become the only means to obtain economy scales in the haulage industry from production to the end user. Today our services are mainly addressed to a clientele that seek reliable hauliers. 


GUERRA GRAZIANO- S.r.l. Via Urbino 33/33A. - 61100  TAVULLIA (PU)  - Ph. +39.0721.202668    info@autotrasportigg.it 










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Made 4 Diy
MADE 4 DIY - Via Milano 2 (at FAB GROUP) - 61020, Gallo di Petriano (PU) - Italy - Tel +39 0722 35521 - P.Iva 02515500417
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