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Katoen Natie is the largest logistics service provider in Europe and one of the main logistics partners in the world. The Katoen Natie network is made up of over 400 operating units, with more than 150 terminals and logistics platforms, which employ more than 10,000 people who actively operate in all parts of the world. Thanks to the joint use of cutting-edge engineering and technological solutions, the company is able to offer tailor-made solutions for various industrial sectors all over the world, including the various sectors of the DIY sector; the chemical and automotive industries, and consumer goods.

KATOEN NATIE  –  Van Aerdstraat  – TEL. +32 3 221 68 11  –  FAX. +32 3 221 68 10 INFO@KATOENNATIE.COM  









With 40 years of success in the promotional sector and a team of experts in marketing, logistics, graphics and IT, we develop and manage incentive campaigns to increase the turnover of our customers through operations and prize competitions.

We also offer corporate merchandising such as personalized clothing and gadgets, to support companies in branding and communication campaigns.







Publitalia S.r.l.:  Via L. Pierobon 28 - 35010 Limena  (PD) - Tel. 049.8849229 Fax.049.8962746  - francesco.bressan@publitaliasrl.com   www.publitaliasrl.com




Garden Line offers services dedicated to the world of gardens and garden centers: website


GARDEN LINE SRL Via  Magnolia, 11, 1424  - De Kwakel (EE) Paesi Bassi -  TEL. 0031 297380740  - info@gardenline.nel



An agile and modern company with a solid international network, Coface is a point of reference in credit insurance and risk management.
With over 70 years of experience among the leaders in the sector, a team of 4100 experts serving 50,000 companies, Coface follows the pace of the global economy.
Our ambition is to become the industry's most agile international credit insurance partner.




COFACE ag. Macerata VIA TRENTO 33, - 62100 MACERATA - ITALIA T. +39 (0733) 261328 - alessandro.micucci@coface.it    -  www.coface.it 




Our team of digital alchemists find innovative solutions to accelerate the business of companies.

The ingredients? Artificial intelligence, software, design and strategy. We have guaranteed important results for our customers in industry 4.0 and internalization. With our artificial intelligence engine we develop customized solutions for companies and industries, with chatbots, big data and process optimization.

Our customers save time, gain control and efficiency, their employees perform jobs with greater added value. We have developed several solutions that allow you to find new markets and new buyers, also on Alibaba.



BOTIKA S.r.l. :  Via Onesto Scavino, 10, c/o Centro la Piazza uffici 303-305, Dogana, Repubblica di San Marino 47891, paola.amati@botika.ai    -  www.botika.it 






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Made 4 Diy
MADE 4 DIY - Via Milano 2 (at FAB GROUP) - 61020, Gallo di Petriano (PU) - Italy - Tel +39 0722 35521 - P.Iva 02515500417
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