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Innovation Day

INNOVATION DAY, is an event focused on innovation inside the DIY, the event is based on meetings between companies and buyers of the Italian retail network of DIY and Home Improvement industry.

The event will take place in January 2018 and will give to participating companies the opportunity to meet the buyers of SISTEMA (the largest Italian network of DIY stores, with more than 200 stores). The event differs from existing formats based on the “Meet the Buyer” formula; in fact, INNOVATION DAY has the specific purpose to put the focus on innovation inside the “Do It Youself” world.


INNOVATION DAY is the first event of this kind organized in Italy, during the day of meetings, companies that will present the most innovative ideas will be rewarded by a group of 20 buyers.


Innovation is meant both in products where the value of innovation is a distinctive feature but also those companies that will present new ideas about exhibition concepts or new approaches in the field of distribution (for example new product ranges developed for the DIY retail).



How to Attend :

- Download the registration form

- Fill the form in all its parts and sent it to

- You will receive a confirmation email about your subscription

- You will receive a feedback where it will be specified whether the appointment was confirmed or not by the buyers.

Download >>>


How, Where and When the event will take place ?

Selected companies will be able to present their innovative products and concepts in detail using paper and / or digital promotional material: Brochures and catalogs, videos, presentations, images. Based on the types of products and concepts presented, can be shown small samples (for example in the case of small products).

Inside the meeting room of NH Hotel Milano Fiera, will be set up 4 different workstations where buyers will receive potential suppliers; each workstation will be equipped with monitors on which the product presentations can be showed.

Suppliers who want to use presentations in ppt, pdf, images, video, etc., will have to use their own laptops that will then be connected to the monitors of the work stations.

Only 2 people per company can participate in the appointment with buyers.

The time frame for the presentation will be 20 minutes.

 NH HOTEL MILANO FIERA - Viale degli Alberghi, 20017 RHO (MI)

 DATE: January 25th - 2018

HOURS: from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us​ : 

Ph.: +39 0722 3552125

email :



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